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MicroTopping Flooring

Transform your home or office into microtopping, we guarantee that you will get an attractive appearance at a satisfactory cost, as well as continuity in strength and rigidity.

Top Benefits

Microtopping is perfect for those who want a continuous, innovative and tactile surface that can make any space unique, whether it is a minimal modern environment where stands out as the main feature, or a classic, rustic or vintage environment.

You can customize it by choosing shades and creating glossy, clouded, or acid stained effects to make it exactly the way you want it to be like.

Microtopping is provided with good protection from: water penetration, climatic stress, de-icing salts and UV rays.

Also, The colors used have the maximum resistance to UV rays and the protective treatments are not subject to yellowing.

As with all types of materials (see, for example, car paintwork), after constant exposure to the light of the sun and moon, slight fading is possible in the colors, which cannot be considered a defect.

Microtopping is not a resin but a cement-polymer coating for use as a decorative finish (thickness 2-4 mm) for interior and exterior surfaces. Considered an example of a coating with great architectural and aesthetic value.

Microtopping was formulated for the purpose of cladding, restoring and recreating vertical and horizontal surfaces whilst providing the much sought after effect of “cement finished” flooring. The material can be levelled manually.


More Benefits

1- Innovative Material: Renew the surface in just 3 millimetres.

2- From continuity to your ideas: goodbye to visible joints and interruption lines.

3- Colours, effects, finishes… the aesthetic of cement has no limits.

Various Colors for Your Satisfaction

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